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A Poem: Domestic Abuse is Not a Victimless Crime

13 May 2021 Article Image

Domestic abuse is not a victimless crime,
behind those closed doors is where I start my once upon a time.

To the outside world my partner is perfect,
but one wrong word or look from me means the consequences once indoors are not worth it.

He reeled me in, the perfect man I thought I had landed,
but little did I know he was too heavy handed.

A slap, a punch, a kick or a burn,
I was constantly told that one day I would learn.

Day by day he’d been chipping away at my confidence self esteem,
and so much more I dare not say

Each day I would tell myself today is the day,
I will leave him and build my new life come what may.

He raped me, strangled me, spat in my face,
he left me with no money so my dreams I could not chase.

My only reprieve was when he was out working,
this gave me time to help stop my bruises and cuts from hurting.

COVID 19 and the lockdown begun,
I was locked in the house with him, I had nowhere to run.

No internet, no food, no water, no shower,
the abuse from him was stepping up hour after hour.

What can I do? Who can I tell?
I couldn’t even open the window or door to scream or to yell.

I’m planning my journey, it’s all in my head,
next thing I know I’m being dragged by my hair to our marital bed.

When lockdown is lifted and he’s working once more,
I will pack up my clothes and be brave a little more.

I will get to a place where I’m safe and protected,
away from this life where I am constantly beaten, put down and rejected. 

I’m important, I’m worth it, I know this for certain,
so please let’s speak out on what goes on behind those closed curtains.


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