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Covid-19: Life in Refuge During Lockdown - from a child's eyes

20 May 2020 Article Image

We all know only too well how unsettling, challenging and frightening it can be living in these times of Covid-19.  We know, too, that escaping domestic abuse and moving to refuge can bring mixed emotions. The sense of relief, of hope and security - of finally being safe - can be tempered by feelings of uncertainty about moving to a strange area, living in refuge and about the future.

So, how does it feel to be living in refuge during lockdown?   We asked this question of the children who are living with mum in refuge right now.  Here’s what they told us:

  • “I miss my football because it's good fun and I miss my friends and family.  I am most looking forward to getting back to swimming.” *James, age 8

  •  “I miss my toys – I had to leave them behind – specially my Spider Man.  But I like having a big garden here [at refuge]. I think I’d like a big house and puppy most of all.” *Jacob, age 6

  •  “I miss my friends at school the most.  And I miss singing the songs.” *Ruby, age 4

  •  “I never got to say bye to my friends and then I never got to see them again. It has been hard.  I’m going to go straight to see my best friend when I’m allowed.” *Ryan, age 8 

  •  “Well, it’s good not being at school. I can be with mum and I can see my friends on Zoom.” *Mia, age 10

  •  “I’m a bit worried, I don’t want my gran or my friends to get sick. But it’s good here – I can play in the garden.” *Leah, age 8

And, a final word from one of our young people:

  • “The lockdown has given me the opportunity to get closer to my mum and my family" *Fraser, age 17

So, there we have it, life in refuge during lockdown as told by children supported by Ainsley and Kelly, our Grampian Women’s Aid Children & Young Person’s Workers. Thank you so much to all our contributors.  Your words, resilience and outlook on life are an inspiration to all of us. *names have been changed to protect the anonymity of our contributors

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