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Domestic abuse and child protection

The aim of this seminar is to build a solid understanding of the nature and scope of domestic abuse and its intersections with child protection, providing the delegates with the confidence and knowledge to deal with the issue effectively in their work setting. The training has been developed by Scottish Women’s Aid with the expectation that delegates will have already attended domestic abuse training.
By the end of the session delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the harm caused to children through domestic abuse including post separation abuse
  • Consider the implications for safe service interventions with families where domestic abuse is an issue, including listening to children, protective factors and resilience
  • Reflect on the gendered nature of ‘professional dangerousness’
  • Identify key practice messages from the National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland as it relates to domestic abuse interventions
  • Understand how domestic abuse impacts children’s rights and their role in upholding those rights.

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