If you need help or information please contact us on 01224 593381


We have refuge spaces scattered throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. GWA have a choice of one and two bedroom properties and one communal refuge. The refuges are fully furnished and equipped to a high standard and are inspected on a weekly basis to ensure a high standard of health and safety. The majority of refuge space are monitored externally by CCTV.

A teddy bear on the bed greets all children accessing refuge and we receive donations of quilts from members of the community which are also given to women and children to keep.  Women will receive some toiletries also.

A Women's Support Service worker will undertake a risk assessment with you prior to deciding whether to offer refuge space or not. The risk assessment is based on the CAADA Dash model which has been developed from extensive research into the risk factors associated with certain indicators in domestic abuse situations.

We have to take into consideration a number of factors before offering refuge, for example, are the areas we have available are safe for you? (Does the perpetrator or his family live or frequent nearby?) Do you or your children present any issues which may impact on other residents? Do you have recourse to public funds? Are there any other known risk factors which may impact on your support?