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MARAC stands for Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference. 

Many people who experience domestic abuse are recognised as being at high risk of repeat victimisation. MARAC is a multi-agency response to promote information sharing, enhance the safety of victims and their children and reduce repeat victimisation.

The purpose of MARAC is to:

-          share information across agencies

-          identify the level of risk of the perpetrator

-          take informed actions to increase safety and reduce repeat victimisation

-          implement multi-agency safety plans to reduce this risk

MARAC meetings are held regularly and are attended by a range of agencies such as Social work, Police, Education, and Housing

What happens if I am referred to MARAC?

Referrals to MARAC are made by a range of professionals including Police Scotland, Social Workers, Teachers, and staff within the voluntary sector.

Grampian Women’s Aid MARAC service provides advocacy and support to women in Aberdeenshire who are at high risk of repeat victimisation. If you have been referred to MARAC you will be contacted by a worker from Grampian Women’s Aid to offer you support. The MARAC Worker will meet you in a safe place and talk to you about what you want raised at the MARAC meeting, support you with any immediate safety and support needs, and help you find any information you may need. The MARAC Worker is there to fully support you through the MARAC process and to act as a link for you with other agencies where needed.

This short VIDEO  gives more information about the MARAC process in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

If you would like to talk to our MARAC Advocate, please call us on 01224 593381 or email info@grampian-womens-aid.com

If you are a professional and want to refer someone to MARAC, please contact the Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire MARAC Co-ordinator at MARAC@grampian.pnn.police.uk