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For women who do not wish to enter refuge accommodation, our outreach service provides support to those living in the community. Women can contact us directly or referrals can be made from other agency workers. If you are considering making a referral on behalf of someone, please be sure that this is a service that the woman wishes to engage with. This service is delivered in our office base and we can also arrange to meet a woman elsewhere, when and where it is safe to do so.

What happens when we receive a referral?

Once we receive a referral we undertake an Initial Assessment. This process can take up to an hour to complete with further follow up to manage your safety and support needs. We will inform you of the outcome of your assessment and you will be offered support or, if necessary at the time, placed on our waiting list. If you are on a waiting list, we will keep in regular contact to let you know when you will be at the top of the list.