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Cover Your Tracks

Internet Activity

If you think your computer use at home, or your mobile device like your phone or tablet, might be monitored, try not to use it for getting help. Instead, use the computer at the library, an internet café, or the device of a friend you trust.

You can use "private browsing" or clear your internet history to hide the websites you’ve been viewing. 

mygov.scot provides a trusted, comprehensive and easy to follow guide to covering your tracks online along with tips for "Find My Phone" and the use of similar mobile Apps.

If it’s safe to do so, follow these easy steps:

STAYING SAFE ONLINE - hiding your browser history

Remember, if previously you didn't clear your history regularly, doing so now may make your partner suspicious. So, once you clear your browsing history, and if it's safe to do so, try to access some of the websites you use regularly - maybe news, tv, weather - so populating your recent history once again.