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Who We Are

We were established in 1977 inspired by the women’s liberation movement – a period where activists collectively recognised that there was a need to provide support and safe refuge to women experiencing domestic abuse. Initially, our focus was on women’s experiences, but as the organisation evolved our focus included children and young people. Our organisation was built by pioneering women volunteers on donations alone. Built upon these grassroots feminist principles, we have expanded year after year whilst maintaining these feminist values. We are funded through a variety of funders including the Scottish Government, Aberdeenshire Council, the Robertson Trust and donations to allow us to provide the best service we can for women, children, and young people experiencing domestic abuse.

We work within a framework of recognising the gendered nature of domestic abuse and violence against women, which is routed in gender inequality. We believe that all women, children and young people have the right to live free from abuse.

The development of our service provision over the last 40 plus years has been guided by the women, children and young people that we have supported. They have been our inspiration.

We are affiliated with Scottish Women's Aid.